About Me

Education: I received a four-year full academic scholarship to Capital University, a private liberal arts school in Ohio. I majored in English and Creative Writing with minors in history and religion. I then attended the University of Virginia, where I focused on early modern English Literature.

Career: I spent a few years in local government (Community Affairs Coordinator for the City of Upper Arlington, an affluent Central Ohio suburb; then the Deputy Director of Development and Communication for the City of Bexley, a small suburb on the east side of Columbus). In both these positions, I coordinated the marketing and communication efforts for all departments, from police to parks to finance. These positions gave my writing and design skills more breadth, and also gave me a solid foundation in planning successful marketing campaigns. After leaving the City of Bexley, I worked for myself for about a year as a wedding planner. I had done an extensive amount of event planning in my government jobs, and when I had the chance to go out on my own, I took it. However, nothing burns you out quite like brides! I found myself at EWI, a nonprofit engineering consulting firm, in early 2015.

Though I originally began in marketing, revamping the website and other marketing materials, I’ve found myself in an operational role. Though I still handle our event planning (no brides this time!), my day-to-day role focuses on supporting the President of Ohio Business Unit (we also have business units in New York and Colorado). I’m one of those people who discovered what they had a knack for a little later than most, and I often find myself wishing I had majored in finance or computer science! My role has developed into de facto Salesforce Administrator, and I will take the formal test in October 2017. I never thought I would enjoy programming, building apps, creating dashboards and sales reports–but here we are. I plan to pursue Salesforce developer training in early 2018.

Personal life: I live in a pink house with two Scottie dogs, Munch and Chunk, where I more or less marinate in my own weirdness (yes, my spare bedroom is Star Wars-themed–glad you asked). I enjoy cooking and baking (instagram.com/wantsandkneads614) and still plan a wedding every now and then. I have also tutored Central Ohio high school students since I moved back from Virginia in 2012. Many of my students go onto top-tier schools on full scholarships. I also am committed to providing ACT and SAT assistance for those students who cannot afford private tutoring. I can’t imagine ever not teaching–I absolutely love these kids (even the difficult ones). Otherwise, I spend my time working out, listening to podcasts, and nerding out on Salesforce from my front porch.