About Me

Education: I received a four-year full academic scholarship to Capital University, a private liberal arts school in Ohio. I majored in English and Creative Writing with minors in history and religion. I then attended the University of Virginia, where I focused on early modern English Literature.

Career: I spent a few years in local government (Community Affairs Coordinator for the City of Upper Arlington, an affluent Central Ohio suburb; then the Deputy Director of Development and Communication for the City of Bexley, a small suburb on the east side of Columbus). In both these positions, I coordinated the marketing and communication efforts for all departments, from police to parks to finance. These positions gave my writing and design skills more breadth, and also gave me a solid foundation in planning successful marketing campaigns. After leaving the City of Bexley, I worked for myself for about a year as a wedding planner. I had done an extensive amount of event planning in my government jobs, and when I had the chance to go out on my own, I took it. However, nothing burns you out quite like brides! I found myself at a nonprofit engineering consulting firm in early 2015.

Though I originally began in marketing, revamping the website and other marketing materials, I eventually found myself in an operational role. I continued to manage membership and events, but also took on a Salesforce org that hadn’t had an admin in six years (yep, really).  I’m one of those people who discovered what they had a knack for a little later than most, and I often find myself wishing I had majored in finance or computer science! I never thought I would enjoy programming, building apps, creating dashboards and sales reports–but here we are. I am a Salesforce-certified Admin (Advanced Admin and Sales Cloud Consultant shortly forthcoming).

Personal life:  I have many hobbies, and I seem to keep collecting them. I’m a huge Star Wars buff (before I sold my house, the spare bedroom was Star Wars-themed), and I also am quite the quilter. I don’t have a piano anymore, but I have played for most of my life and taught lessons for over six years. Some weekends, I find myself driving rescue dogs in a transport train (the groups take dogs from high-kill shelters in the south and a train of drivers transport them typically to the east coast or Canada). I also play tennis on three USTA teams (singles, never doubles!). I enjoy baking (instagram.com/wantsandkneads614) and still plan a wedding every now and then by referral only. I have also tutored Central Ohio high school students since I moved back from Virginia in 2012. Many of my students go on to top-tier schools on full scholarships. I also am committed to providing ACT and SAT assistance for those students who cannot afford private tutoring. I can’t imagine ever not teaching–I absolutely love these kids (even the difficult ones). Otherwise, I spend my time working out, listening to podcasts, and nerding out on Salesforce. Let’s hang!